The first question we get after someone books a session with Iris Boudoir is "What do I wear?"  

You'll receive our detailed lingerie guide once you book!  But until then here are some hot tips!  
      Fresh lingerie does photograph best!  Invest in 2-3 matching bra & panty sets!  Don't forget to look for pieces with interesting fronts and back's!  We'll photograph all sides of you!  If the set comes with garter belts, get them!  

      Bodysuits rock our world!  Look for pieces in interesting patterns, soft lace or fun fabrics, like velvet. 

     Think outside the box!  Highlight your interests with non-lingerie!  Match concert T-shirts, button-down work shirts, flannel, sports jerseys with fun and feminine or leather lingerie! 

     Accessories make a huge impact on your images!  While we have plenty of jewelry, body jewelry and shoes, it won't hurt to bring your own.  



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